Seat Sizes & Standing Shows

Standing Events

Some of our events will be standing, meaning the space is set up for people to stand or dance around to the music. There will usually be some unreserved seating in the space as we’re aware not everyone will want to be on their feet the whole time.

If you’re unable to stand for a show, you can select ‘I’m unable to stand for long periods (for standing events)’ during booking, or write in your own request for seating. Our team will make sure there are seats saved for you with your name on in the space.

Standing events are generally a relaxed atmosphere, and you’re welcome to go to the bar during the show. We definitely encourage a good dance – but please do be considerate of those around you!

Wheelchair Positions

We have multiple wheelchair positions in each performance space.

As the Fireworks Factory has level access from street to seat, wheelchair users can book into any table, although we’d advise booking in to our recommend wheelchair positions as these have been selected for optimum views and accessible routes around the tables and chairs in the space. You can see the recommended wheelchair positions by selecting ‘I’m a wheelchair user’ in your customer account to unlock the fixed positions. For full details and guidance on how to do this, visit our Access Tickets page.

Other performance spaces on the first floor, including Beanfeast, are accessible by lift and have level access.

Wheelchair positions can be booked online, over the phone and in person, as well as a free companion/personal assistant ticket. For a guide on how to book these tickets, visit our Access Tickets page.


Many of our events are seated, and the layout of seats will be different in each performance space.

In the Fireworks Factory, our biggest space, seats are usually laid out as a mix of cabaret-style tables on the flat floor, and raked seating banks. Cabaret tables are circular and seat four with loose chairs, and are closest to the stage at floor-level.

Seating banks are further back and raked, so they offer great views of the stage. Our seating banks are made up of padded leather bench seats, with ledge tables and lamps giving a welcoming atmosphere to the large space.

In our smaller spaces, seating layouts are usually cabaret-style or theatre-style with all seats at floor-level. Cabaret-style has rows of cabaret tables, which are circular and seat four with loose chairs. Theatre-style has rows of seats joined together. There are tall (poseur) tables positioned at the back with high stools, for a clearer view of the stage. There is usually an aisle down the left hand side of the space in both setups.

In other performance spaces, seating layouts are adaptable and will usually be made up of loose chairs.

Seat Measurements

A photo of a loose folding chair that is comfortably cushioned with a padded seat and back. The chair is light beige in colour and has a metal frame and legs.

Loose Chair

A photo of a round cabaret table, with one central table leg.

Cabaret Table

A photo of a tall stool, with a wooden seat and back rest, and a metal frame, with a foot rest.

Tall Stool

A photo of a high table, also known as a poseur table. It is tall and square, with one central table leg.

High Table

Loose seats + circular cabaret tables (all spaces)

Cushioned folding chairs without arm rests at circular tables that seat four.

If you require a seat with arm rests, please make this known when booking, in the Access and Assistance Requests box during checkout, so we can make sure the seat is ready for you before you arrive.

Seat width - 42cm

Seat depth - 40cm

Seat height - 47cm

Seat back height - 42cm

Circular table width/depth – 60cm across

Circular table height -

Tall stools + square high tables

High wooden and metal stools, with tall square tables that seat four.

Seat width - 40cm

Seat depth - 40cm

Seat height - 74cm

Seat back height - 42cm

Foot rest height - 30cm

Distance from foot rest to seat - 44cm

Table height - 105cm

Table width/depth - 70cm

Seating banks (Fireworks Factory)

Padded leather bench seating, with tables and lamps.

Seat width - approx. 50cm (as this is bench seating there is no separation between each seat in a block)

Seat depth - 33cm

Seat height - 45cm

Seat back height - 67cm

Legroom - 61cm (57cm where there are table brackets at the edge of tables)

There are no arm rests on the bench seating.

Table depth - 25cm

Table height - 69cm

Distance from back of seat to edge of table - 67cm

Distance from edge of seat to edge of table - 33cm

Height of step - 14cm

Width of step - 108cm

Depth of step - 38cm (shallow steps) + 72cm (deep steps)

There are two steps up between each row, alternating shallow and deep, and a step down into the seat row.

There are no handrails up the steps.

You'll find the row letter on the front of the steps, and the seat number on the tables.

A photo of the padded, leather bench seating in our seating banks. The seat is a burnt orange colour, and the fabric on the seat back is a light beige. The tops of lamps on the fold down tables are visible behind the seat in focus. They look comfortable!

Seating Bank Bench Seat

A photo of the seating bank steps in the Fireworks Factory. These are wide steps between rows of the seating bank, alternating deep and shallow steps. The steps are dark in colour with a light edge for visibility.

Seating Bank steps

A photo of one of our seating banks, taken from part way up the steps looking diagonally across several rows. The seats are padded, leather bench seats, with tables and lamps, and are a burnt orange colour with a light beige seat back. The high glass ceiling, metal framework and hanging lights  of the Fireworks Factory is visible in the background.

Seating Bank in the Fireworks Factory