Visiting Our Venue

Explore Woolwich Works

You don’t have to buy a ticket to come to our public spaces, Woolwich Works is open to everyone.

There are generous public spaces where you’re welcome to sit and ponder, and our Visitors' Book Café is open for a coffee and cake all day or for a cocktail in the evening. When the weather is nice, you’ll be able to enjoy our outdoor space, the Workers' Yard. Check out our Open Times to plan your visit.

There’s lots to do nearby around Woolwich as well, so check out Our Local Area for our recommendations.

Performance spaces and areas

Our main performance spaces are:

  • Fireworks Factory
  • Visitors' Book Café
  • Knight Gallery
  • Beanfeast
  • Stonecutters Studio
  • Ropekeepers Studio
  • Coopers Studio

You may also find performances and events happening in other areas of our building such as the Workers' Bar and the Workers' Yard.

House rules

We have conditions of entry and attendance which can be read fully here and they are printed on our e-tickets. We politely ask you to follow these conditions for the safety and respect of our neighbours and others enjoying our buildings.


Our main entrance is on No.1 Street. For more information to plan your travels, see our How To Get Here page.

When you arrive at Woolwich Works you’ll be greeted by our friendly team, and you’ll see directions for how to find the space your event is taking place in. The bar is usually open ahead of the start of the show and during the show, so you're welcome to get a drink or a light snack.

Entry times

You may see two different times for the event you’re booking tickets for.

Start times indicate the time that the event will begin at, so you should make sure you’re in your seat (if it’s a seated event) and ready by this time.

Doors times indicate when the performance space will be open for you to head into and, if it’s a seated event, find your seat.

What to wear

There’s no dress code for attending events at Woolwich Works, come as you are (as long as that's fully dressed)!

We recommend dressing appropriately for the event you’re attending (especially standing shows) and for the weather, particularly in exceptionally hot or cold seasons. While we do our best to regulate the temperature of our spaces, having a lot of people in the room can affect the results so please bear this in mind.


Our events are very mixed, so we operate different latecomers policies depending on the type of event. You’ll see the latecomers policy listed on the event page that you’re booking for.

Due to the nature of our spaces, sometimes we operate a strict no latecomers policy, which means that once the show starts we won’t be able to admit anyone else. We recommend arriving in good time to get to your seat so that you don’t miss the show.

Some events will have a latecomers policy that allows us to admit people arriving late at a suitable point in the performance. This might mean you have to wait outside the performance space with one of our team members who will let you in when it’s appropriate, although do be aware that sometimes this might mean you have to wait until the interval (if there is one). You may also be directed to sit in seats different to the ones that you’ve booked, so as not to disturb the performers or other audience members.

Other events will have a ‘latecomers allowed at any point’ policy, which means you’ll be allowed in whenever you arrive even if the event has already started – although we always recommend getting there in time to see the start and catch any support acts!

Occasionally a latecomers policy will be shown as ‘TBC’. This means it hasn’t been confirmed yet, but we’ll post it on the event page as soon as we know.

Content guidance

We never want to give away spoilers to events, but we know that it can be helpful to know what to expect in a show to make sure there’s nothing too surprising or distressing. Where this is known in advance, we’ll post it on the page of the event, but if you have any particular concerns please contact our Box Office team at


We do not have a cloakroom or storage facility at Woolwich Works, so please don’t bring any large bags, backpacks or luggage with you as they won’t be allowed into our performance spaces. You will need to keep hold of your items during events, so please bear this in mind especially for standing events.

Age guidance

Not every event is suitable for younger members of the family, so we will make this known on the event page.

In some cases this will be guidance for you to make your own judgement on, and sometimes this might be a restriction, which means we won’t be able to allow anyone under the advertised age limit into the performance space. Often for gigs and music events, you’ll find that children under a particular age must be accompanied by an adult.

We’re not able to refund or rearrange tickets that have been booked for people under an advertised age restriction, so we recommend checking this before you make your booking.

When the event ends

Our running times are often approximate, so it’s an estimation of how long the event might be. Sometimes you’ll see the end time of an event listed as ‘show end’ or ‘curfew’.

At the end of an event, you’ll be directed out of the performance space by our team. If our buildings are still open, you’re welcome to stay in the Visitors' Book Café, but if we’re closing you’ll need to make your way out of the building.

Please be respectful of our neighbours as you’re leaving.

Woolwich Works is close to good transport links across London and beyond. For more information to plan your travels, see our How To Get Here page.