List of Events

  1. National Children’s Orchestras Winter Concert

    Featuring some of the UK’s most remarkable young musicians

  2. Afro-Cuban Master Dance (Orishas)

    Learn about the dances that form the basis of all Afro-Cuban dancing

  3. Afro-Cuban Master Dance (Rumba)

    Learn about the history, styles and movements of the dance representing Cuba’s street life

  4. Ballet For All (Beginners)

    The perfect class for those getting started or revisiting ballet as an adult!

  5. Ballet For All (General)

    Classes for anyone with a basic understanding of ballet technique

  6. Cuban Dance Rhythms (Salsa)

    Learn how to salsa through the basics of Cuban rhythms

  7. Cuban Dance Rhythms (Popular Dances)

    Learn the basics of Cuban rhythms such as Cha-cha-cha, Mambo & Son

  8. Arsenal of Sounds - Raka & Balamuc

    All aboard the Balkan Express!

  9. Kansas Smitty's Big Band present Duke Ellington's Nutcracker

    Celebrate Christmas with these classic festive jazz arrangements

  10. DJ Spoony presents: The MCs

    Catch the UK Garage icon plus some very special guests

  11. Jingle Bell Jazz

    With Myele Manzanza, Amy Gadiaga, Emma Rawicz and Rupert Cox

  12. Spannocchi Quartet

    Brand-new material from proficient jazz saxophonist Guido Spannocchi