List of Events

  1. S.M.I.L.E-ing Boys Experience

    Presented by Kay Rufai

  2. Dom Joly's Holiday Snaps

    Travel and Comedy In The Danger Zone

  3. Arsenal of Sounds - Orchestra of Samples & Parasang

    London & Beyond

  4. Live at the Works with Alan Davies

    Another spectacular night of comedy!

  5. S.M.I.L.E-ing Boys In Conversation

    Humanising black boys as a radical attempt to shift society outcomes

  6. Woolwich Works in Progress: Esther Manito + David Mills

  7. Fela Kuti Birthday Celebration

    A celebration of the father of Afrobeat

  8. Baby Gospel

    The popular family concert returns to Woolwich Works after their last two brilliant shows!

  9. Woolwich Works in Progress: Ed Night + Tadiwa Mahlunge

  10. Four performers on a dark stage. The left half of the image is filled with a large ladder, under which a white woman in her thirties stands, balancing herself on a wheelchair. She tips the wheelchair onto its back wheels with her weight, holds onto the ladder with one arm, and smiles, looking proud and strong. To her left, a mixed race man in his thirties stands, holding an old rectangular red school suitcase in his left hand. He looks up dreamily to the third performer, who is a white man in his forties. The third performer is about two metres above the ground, using his left arm to clamp himself onto the bar. His looks like he is almost sitting in the air. His face is in the shadow. Below, on the far left, a white woman in her seventies sits on a red armchair. Its colour matches the second performer's travel case. She rests her head on her right hand, her elbow resting on the armchair. Her eyes are closed. On the left hand side of the image, there are red symbols for Audio Description, Captioning and BSL Interpretation.

    Extraordinary Bodies: Delicate

    The 'Revolutionary Circus' of Extraordinary Bodies is back with a new production!

  11. Carmen Souza: Interconnectedness Tour

    The award-winning singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist is back with new music

  12. Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair | Edition 7

    The UK’s largest fair entirely devoted to contemporary prints returns for its seventh edition!