Our mission and values

Woolwich Creative District Trust is an independent registered charity, established to run Woolwich Works for the purposes of advancing art for the public benefit and providing facilities to improve the conditions of life of residents of the Royal Borough of Greenwich. Our Charitable Objects determine the purpose of the Trust, which we express in short-form as our mission: to offer hope and opportunity by enabling people to realise their creative potential.

The Trust is governed by a Board of Trustees, led by the Chair. Three Trustees are appointed by the Royal Borough of Greenwich as the founder of the creative district, with the remaining original independent members having been recruited locally through open advertisement. Board appointments are skills-based and future openings for members with specific skills and experience will be advertised here.

The Chief Executive of the Trust is James Heaton, who is responsible for developing its overall strategy for consideration and approval by the Board and running the organisation on a day-to-day basis, supported by the Senior Management Team. The Trust’s overall strategic plan is underpinned by five ‘EPICC’ values which form the basis of its vision of an exceptional, professional, inclusive, creative community, and five strategic priorities which inform its daily decision-making and longer-term objectives;