Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

We’re building an exceptional, professional, inclusive, creative community, with a diverse team, a diverse programme of performances and events, and a diverse engagement programme. We will actively work to attract diverse audiences and visitors from across our Borough and beyond.

A place for everyone

What do we mean by ‘diverse’? A mix of people from different age groups, races, socio-economic backgrounds and gender identities. With differing abilities, sexual orientations, disabilities, impairments, mental health conditions, religions, beliefs and non-beliefs.

Why do we want to be diverse and inclusive? Because we believe that there is strength in difference, and that we need diversity of thought, ideas, opinions, art and food. Because we want to make Woolwich Works a thriving cultural district with collaboration at its heart; and because we want to reflect and be relevant to our local communities and the city in which we live... why wouldn’t we?

How will we make sure this happens? We will work with organisations to employ people who are underrepresented in the arts. We will programme across a range of artforms, and work to make our performances and events accessible to all. We will build an engagement programme with our resident artistic companies that works with local schools, colleges and community groups. We will offer apprenticeships, volunteering, work experience and training opportunities that create meaningful routes to employment in the creative industry. We will develop a Diversity and Inclusion Policy with clear goals and targets, so we can measure how well we’re doing.

We will break down barriers, creating a place for everyone.