List of Events

  1. New Regency Orchestra

    + Worldwide FM DJs

  2. Hot Club of Jupiter

  3. Andrew Ashong

    With support from Manny Alexandra

  4. THE RE:

    Featuring Ashley Henry, Emma-Jean Thackray, Kwake Bass, Saili Katebe and Isobella Burnham

  5. Beezkat

    With support from Sugarcane

  6. Cubafrobeat: Lokkhi Terra meets Dele Sosimi

    With support from Kadialy Kouyate

  7. Angel

    With support from Emiko

  8. Tommy Blaize, Reginald D. Hunter and National Youth Jazz Orchestra play Gil Scott-Heron

  9. Shingai

  10. Adriano Adewale

    Catapluf's Musical Journey

  11. Soothsayers

    The London sound has never been so rich!

  12. Hackney Colliery Band

    With support from Miss Baby Sol