List of Events

  1. Arabs Are Not Funny

    Widely regarded as one of the hottest comedy nights in London

  2. The Grotteaux

    The most glamorous and hotly anticipated cabaret of the year!

  3. Woolwich Works in Progress: Leila Navabi and Priya Hall

  4. Woolwich Works in Progress: Hannah Platt and Micky Overman

  5. Woolwich Works in Progress: Priya Hall and Jodie Mitchell

  6. Jamali Maddix + Fern Brady + Alfie Brown

    Plus Lara Ricote and Leo Reich

  7. Jayde Adams and Friends

    With Sindhu Vee and a VERY special guest

  8. Le Gateau Chocolat and Jonny Woo: NOW THAT’S WHAT WE CALL MUSICALS!

    Fabulous. Glamorous. And camp AF.

  9. Dom Joly's Holiday Snaps

    Travel and Comedy In The Danger Zone