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The Caribbean Social Forum started in January 2015 for anyone over the age of fifty to come along and meet new friends for a social afternoon. They run a varied programme each week to include speakers, demonstrations, games and much more.

Royal Borough of Greenwich spoke with a few of their members at the end of last year and asked them to share their thoughts.

Brenda stands in a large yellow hall full of people sitting and socialising. She is a Black woman with short hair, a pink top and scarf, and black trousers, and is smiling broadly at the camera.

Brenda Benjamin

Brenda's a retired nurse and a regular at the Caribbean Social Forum in Woolwich. She reminisced about how the area has developed over years:

“Even just walking along the river front, that has all changed as well. I’ve never used the foot tunnel but that’s something I must try and do. From Greenwich to across the water.”

Raphael 'Ralf' Seaton

Another regular, Ralf talked about the club. It's a not-for-profit organisation that's grown to a membership of over 600 people. Its members are mainly from the Caribbean and neighbouring countries, such as Guyana. Over 50s are welcome to join the weekly event where they can meet new friends, enjoy a light lunch and socialise.

Ralph said: "The Caribbean Forum is here to bring the people together from the Caribbean...well anywhere, but mainly from the Caribbean.”

Please note that the Caribbean Social Forum has been paused until further notice due to COVID-19.

Ralf is standing a bright yellow hall, smiling at the camera with his right hand placed on his chest. He is a bald, Black man wearing a grey fleece jacket and black trousers.