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Hear what more of the artists, creatives and creators at Thames-Side Studios had to say about the area when the team from Royal Borough of Greenwich caught up with them in November 2019.

Caroline is kneeling behind a large, very colourful canvas in an art studio, with her arms propped on top as she leans over. She is a white woman with long white hair and is wearing a blue top.

Caroline Hands

Caroline Hands is a full-time visual artist who creates semi-abstract, vibrant paintings. She studied at art college in London in the 1960s and since then has been based in London and the West Midlands. She works in painting, drawing, textile, batiks, feltmaking, copper and enamel, mosaic, 3D, photography, book illustration and many other mediums. She said:

'The first time I landed in Woolwich, to come here, I loved it. I love the diversity of Woolwich and I think the potential of people from all over the place is so exciting'

You can find out more about Caroline's art, and learn about her past exhibitions by visiting her website.

Stephen Stockbridge

Stephen's an artist, sculptor maker and collaborater, based at Thames-Side Studios. He's also the director of Creative Nature artist collective. He said:

'Anything that elevates the footprint of creativity and has a centre, or hub for it, is a good thing.'

Stephen is standing in a busy art studio full of wooden sculptures, carving wood with a hatchet as he smiles at the camera. He is a white man with a white beard, wearing a yellow hat and a brown apron.