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Credit: Royal Borough of Greenwich

Local stories from Woolwich

The area of Woolwich has a brilliantly rich and varied history. We're gathering the surprising and incredible stories of the Royal Arsenal's past, and shine a light on some of the people who make Woolwich what it is today.

  1. Brenda stands in a large yellow hall full of people sitting and socialising. She is a Black woman with short hair, a pink top and scarf, and black trousers, and is smiling broadly at the camera.

    Woolwich People: Ralf & Brenda

  2. Caroline is kneeling behind a large, very colourful canvas in an art studio, with her arms propped on top as she leans over. She is a white woman with long white hair and is wearing a blue top.

    Woolwich People: Caroline & Stephen

  3. Fiona is standing in an art studio, working on clay on a stand in front of her as she smiles, looking away from the camera. She is a white woman with shoulder length brown hair, and is wearing a grey apron.

    Woolwich People: Fiona & Emile