List of Events

  1. Carmen Souza

    The Silver Messenger

  2. Diane Chorley: Spookalicious!

  3. Human

    A story about the small moments that shape us

  4. Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair

  5. Baby Gospel

  6. W.Led Jazz Series - Part 1

    Sarah Tandy, Raquel Martins and Plumm

  7. W.Led Jazz Series - Part 2

    Ms Maurice, COLECTIVA and Rosie Frater-Taylor

  8. JazznewbloodALIVE2021 Part I

    Allexa Nava + Kielan Sheard + Scottie Thompson + Morgan Wallace

  9. JazznewbloodALIVE2021 Part II

    Miles Mindlin, Sultan Stevenson, Maddy Coombs and XVNGO

  10. Live at the Works with Sara Pascoe

    Featuring Ed Gamble, and many more guests to be announced!

  11. Junior Trinity Winter Concerts

  12. The Little Prince

    The Little Prince