List of Events

  1. Shingai

  2. Adriano Adewale

    Catapluf's Musical Journey

  3. Soothsayers

    The London sound has never been so rich!

  4. GIRLS

  5. Image of Courtney Conrad, Janett Plummer, Fahad Al-Amoudi, Be Manzini and Kareem Parkins-Brown

    Malika's Poetry Kitchen

  6. Hackney Colliery Band

    With support from Miss Baby Sol

  7. Fehdah

    With support from Lèa Mondo

  8. Afrikan Boy

  9. Balimaya Project

    With support from Bumi Thomas

  10. Othello De’Souza-Hartley in conversation with Joseph Ijoyemi

  11. Bukky Leo & Black Egypt

  12. Carmen Souza - Free Workshop