About Knight Gallery

This ground floor space is one of our most adaptable rooms. Used for our smaller performances, it's perfect for dinners, parties and celebrations, and a great meeting space.

All four walls are finished in original exposed brick, with the short walls forming the canvas for subtle portraits of Eliza Adelaide Knight and Donald Adolphous Brown, whose stories the space celebrates. Discreet flexible track and spot lighting and an elegant timber floor complete the space. There are huge, arched sash windows down the side of the room that looks onto our courtyard, with an external door for direct access set in the middle. On the other side of the space is a door linking the room with our café-bar and Beanfeast above, and a private entrance from the riverside, perfect for events with guests arriving by boat.

The room is located close to gender neutral and accessible toilets. Similar in shape and size, Knight Gallery works well used in combination with Beanfeast for events where more than one space is desired.