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The Acosta Dance Centre's new base in Woolwich is set to bring the joy of dance to over 200,000 people.

Legendary dancer Carlos Acosta and the Acosta Dance Foundation (ADF) have just announced the launch of the Acosta Dance Centre, a new vibrant hub that will offer transformative dance classes, courses, performances, residencies and programmes for the local community of the Royal Borough of Greenwich and beyond. The state-of-the-art facility will be based in Woolwich Works, where the ADF is a Resident Artistic Company, and will open in September 2023.

The Acosta Dance Foundation was founded in 2011 by Carlos Acosta, one of the greatest dancers of his generation who is beloved by UK audiences. Inspired by his upbringing in Cuba, Acosta was determined to offer unrestricted access to dance to everyone so that there are no boundaries preventing people from experiencing dance. Since its creation, the charity has played a pivotal role in developing young talented people by giving them the opportunities to follow their dreams and transform their lives through dance, and the Acosta Dance Centre will extend this opportunity to people in the Royal Borough of Greenwich and beyond. The Acosta Dance Centre will deliver a public programme of courses and classes and will act as a gathering place and artistic space for dancers, industry professionals and the community as well as being an international ambassador for dance education.

“ADC, the Acosta Dance Centre, stands as the epitome of my life’s work, representing a global sanctuary for dancers of all backgrounds and a beacon of inspiration for the world of dance. It is a dream come true, born from my passion to create a place where dance could bring people from all walks of life together, to celebrate joy and creativity through movement.”

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Carlos Acosta

The official opening of the Acosta Dance Centre will take place in September 2023 when full details of the Centre’s diverse programme will be announced. The Centre is set to impact an estimated 215,000 individuals, enriching their lives through the transformative power of dance. Javier Torres, Managing Director of the Acosta Dance Foundation, said "As the Managing Director of the Acosta Dance Foundation, I am immensely proud to witness the grand opening of the Acosta Dance Centre, a monumental realisation of Carlos’ vision. The Foundation is delighted to have this exceptional dance centre based in London fulfilling our ambitions and our cause of "creating a dancer in every home". Our ultimate goal is to unleash the passion for dance within individuals, igniting their passion, nurturing their quality, and fuelling their dance ambitions – and the Centre stands as the perfect avenue to provide just that.

The ADC is not just a physical space; it stands as a vibrant and inclusive house of dance, breaking through borders and cultural boundaries. A place where dancers from all corners of the world converge, fostering an environment of collaboration, idea exchange, and artistic growth."

The Acosta Dance Centre will offer an extensive range of programmes tailored to engage and inspire people of all ages and backgrounds. These include education and community activities involving local schools, classes in various dance styles for the public, and the Acosta Ballet Camps for budding young ballet dancers to receive intensive training. Additionally, the Centre will offer the Carlos Acosta Choreographic Fellowship for emerging choreographers and residency programmes for artists to collaborate and explore cross-cultural projects. The Centre will also host the Acosta Advanced Training Hub, a free pre-professional training programme for students aged 18 or above.

With the launch of the new Dance Centre, the Acosta Dance Foundation aims to secure funding from various sources, such as individual donors, corporates, and trusts/foundations, to support its ongoing operations and future growth.

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