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A little while ago, Royal Borough of Greenwich went out and about in the borough and spoke with local people. They wanted to hear their thoughts and learn about their connections to the area.

This week, we're introducing Mingurong, who was interviewed by a volunteer down at the YMCA in Woolwich Dockyard.

Mingurong is standing in front of a bright blue door, and smiling broadly. She is a Nepalese woman, wearing a light pink shawl and a long blue patterned skirt.

Mingurong's Story

The Okey Cokey Gurkha and Nepalese Social Club, is run by AgeUK, Bromley and Greenwich. The club meets weekly in Woolwich and helps Gurkha veterans, their wives and widows.

It was here that one of Royal Borough of Greenwich's volunteers caught up with Mingurong, who's a regular at the club.

'My mother in law, they tell me, in the First World War used to work in the Arsenal on the munitions.

'I can remember Woolwich as it used to be when I was a child, when Beresford Square was a proper old-fashioned market and there were no lights because it was the end of the War - but it was atmospheric.'

The club, which meets on Thursdays at YMCA Thames Gateway, supports the Gurkha community to enjoy life in the UK and deal with the challenges they face, including language and social barriers. The Nepalese Gurkha Veterans Project offers a stimulating environment, promotes health and wellbeing, and provides access to Age UK’s and other vital services.

COVID-19 has impacted many social events, so please contact the event organisers for more information.