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The heading of the Woolwich Gazette newspaper, dated 16 April 1870. The black and white image in the centre of the title shows old ships, flags with one showing a horse, and the text 'insignia in a banner.
Credit: British Newspaper Archive

Wonder why our news section is called the Woolwich Works Gazette? Read on to find out how it got its name.

Woolwich Works stands on a site rich with a deep history that stretches back over centuries, and we love to take inspiration from the stories of our area.

The Woolwich Gazette was a local newspaper that was established in the mid 1800s, with the earliest known issue to be dated 17 July 1869. The paper went through several name changes during its lifetime of over 40 years, being known as the Woolwich Gazette and Greenwich and Deptford Chronicle, and the Borough of Woolwich Gazette amongst others.

As well as publishing important announcements, there were plenty of adverts across the pages of the Woolwich Gazette. We found some of the highlights from the 05 May 1877 edition amusing:

The front page of an edition of the Woolwich Gazette newspaper, dated 5 May 1877. There are five long narrow columns of text down the page displaying news articles and adverts.

Umbrellas! Umbrellas! Elisha Ince, Practical Umbrella Maker located on the High Street next door to the Chronicle Office

G. Leidig, Fancy Bread & Biscuit Baker who offered bride and christening cakes to order, wedding breakfasts and parties supplied.

A notice addressed ‘to the public’: WANTED: immediately, 100 WORKING MEN to WEAR HARMER’S TROUSERS at a cost of 8 shillings and 11 pence, as well as suits, coats, vests, and boys’ suits. Also on offer was A Good Selection of the latest fashions in Neckties, Scarves, Braces, etc. etc.

Editions of the original Woolwich Gazette are available to view from the British Newspaper Archive, part of the British Library.

With the names of our buildings and performance spaces tying in to the vibrant history of the area, our news section also takes its name from another piece of our local story. The Woolwich Works Gazette will be the best place to stay up to date with our latest news and discover more about our history, so watch this space to find out more!