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Laura Misch is kicking off the first-ever Woolwich Words & Sounds on Friday 15 July! The South East Londoner sat down with us to talk about her upcoming show, her thoughts on the space, and what she's most looking forward to playing.

Hi Laura! How does it feel to be opening the very first Woolwich Words & Sounds festival?

It feels really special. I was born and raised in South East London just further up the river and so it's really special to play my first gig back post-pandemic here and will be road testing new material we have been working on during this time as well as old songs which are very inspired by this city.

You’ve just visited our Fireworks Factory space where you’ll be performing. What were your impressions?

As a musician, my first thought was that the reverb in there is going to be really majestic for the saxophone but we will have to tame the drums haha! It's huge and has so much potential as a venue space! Also the natural light in the space is really beautiful, I am told the way it shines through the glass in the evening is magical, and I'm excited to be in it at sunset.

The venue is directly on the river and it's so calming that you can step out and hear the water. I can imagine coming to gigs here and sitting by the water before a show to rest my ears before listening to a gig.

Can you give us an idea of what you’ve got planned for your set?

The set is really inspired by the elements, clouds of sound, water, wind, and rhythms found in nature, the new songs I have been working on all evolve around our connection to nature and the old songs are more about life in the city, this set is a hybrid between the two. After doing one-woman shows for years I am really excited to be working with a band for this show, and have the incredible Marysia Osuchowska playing a concert harp and Tomáš Kašpar on guitar/electronics.

Are there any pieces you're particularly excited to play live?

An instrumental piece called Climb, it's based on a drum pattern and a build of saxophone loops that climax into the drop with drums and reverb expansion! It always feels super cathartic to play it.

Can you shed some light on who’s going to be in your band for the show?

We are doing this show as a trio with Marysia Osuchowska on harp and Tomáš Kašpar on guitar/electronics. Marysia is an artist and producer who plays in many projects including Levitation Orchestra, she also produces her own music and I’m so excited for her upcoming releases. Tomáš is also a producer and has a dance project with his brother called ASTRYD and a newly emerging ambient project called Slow Moon.

And who else are you excited to see at Woolwich Words & Sounds?

Colectiva!! They have an incredible energy. Shout out to Alley Lloyd on bass! 🤍

Thanks for joining us Laura!