Acosta Dance Foundation: Cuban Goddess

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The Acosta Dance Foundation are dedicated to placing women and girls at the forefront of our work. Introducing their newest dance program: “Cuban Goddess” curated by Damarys Farres. This program expands upon her signature work, “110% Cubana – Authenticity & Sabor,”, and focuses on five key aspects to enhance women’s lives and well-being in the community:

  • Body confidence
  • Self-awareness & self-acceptance
  • Balancing career and motherhood
  • Gender empowerment & diversity
  • Autonomy and equality

This program is designed for women looking to enhance their dance ability, knowledge, self-confidence, posture, musicality, styling, flow, finesse and attitude on the dancefloor.

The workshop will include the following main aspects:

  • Improving your Salsa, Rumba, and Afro-Cuban flow.
  • Enhancing body isolations and posture through a combination of Cuban dance styles.
  • Boosting your confidence on the dancefloor.

Join us in putting women and girls centre stage.