Ziaur Rahman

Ziaur is a Chartered Management Accountant with 30 years’ experience in the charity sector. He has worked for several household name charities, currently Head of Finance Systems for one of the UK’s biggest charities. He is currently studying a part-time doctorate in financial applications of AI, Big Data and the Cloud.

Initially a fundraiser, he currently specialises in systems, processes and projects. He has worked in financial planning in local government in New Zealand. He also spent 11 years as a British Army Reservist, including full-time operational deployment overseas.

Ziaur was born in the Royal Borough of Greenwich, spent much of his life living in SE London, and Woolwich for the past decade. As a veteran, he values the military architecture and heritage of the area. He is pleased to be part of Woolwich Works and support the mission to put historic local buildings to cultural use for the benefit of our local community.