Dr Valerie Vaughan Dick, Chair

Valerie’s worked at a senior level in the public, private and voluntary sectors. She joined the Royal College of General Practitioners as the Executive Director, Planning and Resources in September 2014 and her directorate covered Finance, Human Resources, IT, Facilities and Estates, Procurement and the Programmes Office. She’s now the RCGP’s Chief Operating Officer.

Valerie started her career with the National Audit Office, where she qualified as an accountant. She worked on value for money and financial audits of the Departments of Health & Social Security, Overseas Services, Local Government and Housing. Valerie has been an Executive Finance and Resources Director in central and local government, working on financial and strategic management issues. She’s been a Chair of an NHS Trust and is the Chair of a Housing Association. In 2008, she was awarded HM Treasury Government Finance Profession’s Personality of the Year for excellence in financial management.